Integration of Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction into National-Level Policy and Coordination


Under Task 1, APIK applies a development-first adaptation strategy to heighten national government awareness of the risks posed to critical development goals by climate change and hydro-meteorological disasters and to strengthen the government’s response by mainstreaming climate change adaptation and  disaster risk reduction (CCA-DRR) tools and approaches.

APIK works with and through the Secretariat of Climate Change Adaptation National Action Plan (RAN API) and the Ministry of National Development Planning (BAPPENAS) to elevate the visibility of the RAN API and equip key line ministries to support its implementation. APIK also works with BNPB and Planas PRB to accelerate understanding of climate/weather issues. Additionally, APIK works with intra-governmental working groups to strengthen horizontal coordination and share lesson learned from Task 1 activities between government ministries and departments.


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