How to Use Google Cloud Platform Without Using a Credit Card

Are you looking for a cloud for dependable and best hosting? or are you developing an application and want to use Google’s API? However, you do not have a credit or debit card and are having difficulty setting up a billing account. We will go over How to Register Google Cloud Without a Credit Card in depth here.

To be able to register and use Google Cloud services, we must have a credit card or debit card, because Google Cloud only accepts credit or debit card payments.

Using Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud is a hosting service that allows developers to create websites and applications. Google Cloud offers a wide range of free and paid services, including Cloud Storage, Compute Engine, Network Service, VPC Network, and API services.

When asked about the benefits of Google Cloud over hosting, it is clear that uptime, reliability, and much better support are the most important factors because this service is owned by Google.

Furthermore, Google Cloud has data centers on nearly every continent, including Indonesia. So, if you want to host your website for Indonesian visitors, you must use the services of Google Cloud.

With a partner, activate Google Cloud Platform billing without a credit card.

If you need to implement Google Cloud without a credit card, you can use the premier partner service, and the explanation and flow are as follows:

  1. As a client, you can request any service you require.
  2. Terralogiq will set up the project and billing as a partner.
  3. Then Terralogiq will enable (activate) the required service.
  4. You will be given immediate access to the project console (implementation).
  5. Finally, as a premier partner, Terralogiq provides local support if you have issues or require assistance.