How to up-sell and cross-sell to maximize sales

In the world of marketing, you may already be familiar with Cross Selling and Upselling. Cross-selling and upselling are two things that are very useful and provide great benefits to sales. Now you want to know how to maximize sales through cross-selling and upselling.

What is cross selling

Cross-selling is the process of selling different products or services to customers to increase the value of the sale. Through this cross-selling, it encourages customers to buy additional complementary products as an additional purchase.

For example, when you go to a fast food restaurant and order a burger, you will be offered fries. Or when you buy a domain, you get a hosting deal.

What is Upselling?

Upselling is the process of selling products to encourage customers to purchase higher value products/services. Upselling can be said to be the act of improving a service or product.

For example, when you buy fries, the service will offer you a super size package or the largest package. Or when you buy VPS X Jagoan Hosting service, you get 3 packages with different specifications.

Between Cross Selling and Upselling it provides benefits for selling, Through Cross selling and Upselling you can increase your sales but in reality it is not as easy as you imagine.

One of the most important things for customers to respond to Upselling and Cross-selling is to provide the best customer service to make customers feel happy and satisfied.

Tips for increasing sales with cross-selling and upselling

Increase sales with cross-selling and upselling

How to increase sales with Cross Selling and Upselling? In this case, there are several tips that you can use to increase your sales. Here are tips for doing cross-selling and upselling.

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1. Make a suitable offer

The offer given to the customer must be reasonable, in other words, do not make an offer that is too exaggerated and large, but the customer does not need it. If you make an offer that doesn’t match it, it will be useless and less effective.

Therefore, make an offer where customers are likely to show interest in accepting the offer that has been made. how to know it? You need to do your research to find out what kind of offer your customers need.

2. Offer the best deal

Everyone would agree if Price This is the thing that becomes the basis or benchmark for someone to buy. Therefore, you must provide a reasonable price quote.

The value of the product/service must match the price and deserve to be offered. For reselling, you need to consider whether the package offer you have made is fair and reasonable based on the value of the product/service.

3. Show the value of products and services

If you only provide an offer without stating the value or value of your product.service, then it is futile. You should give instructions why you should choose this product.

Customers may thus think that they need the offered goods. This is very important under certain conditions, especially when upselling.

By showing the value and benefits of the higher package, you can instill the idea that the customer also needs the highest package.

4. Grab attention with rewards

To maximize sales, you can attract customers’ attention by offering rewards. You can provide loyalty rewards to customers who have made a certain number of purchases. For example, giving a discount The higher the package you take, the bigger the discount you get.

Methods often used in cross-selling and upselling

What are the methods often used in cross-selling and upselling? When selling, some people apply a marketing strategy that is used for cross-selling. Here are some common methods that are often used

1. Offer of additional services

This is the most used, Almost everyone will offer additional services when the customer purchases. This method is the best method to maximize sales.

For example, you have a digital agency that has website development services. When someone orders the service, you also offer SEO services.

2. Provide bundles of bundles

Cross-selling and reselling
Amazon Bundles

Package bundles are usually used in upselling, but quite a few are used in cross-selling. Bundles are usually cheaper than buying individually.

By combining services/products, it indirectly increases sales. Not only that, when there is a deck of decks, people usually prefer the top deck.

3. Educate customers

This method is powerful enough to increase sales, you can educate customers to buy other products/services. By educating clients, you can describe the benefits of each service and instill it in their minds if they need it.

For example, someone wants to create a website for their business, but this person does not know about SEO. From this you can provide an understanding of the importance of SEO. When you do this, customers may be interested in what you describe.

Remember! Once they see how each service can benefit their business, they are more likely to agree to additional services/products.

When to use cross-selling?

There is no approach or rule that determines the best time to cross-sell and upsell. So you have to be smart in determining the right time to offer products/services to customers.

Since the main goal of cross-selling is to convince customers to buy a service that complements their initial purchase, you can time your sale accordingly. Simply put, the best time to cross-sell is when an appropriate or reasonable sale occurs.

What you need to know is that trying to sell or pitch to customers at the wrong time can damage your relationship and cause customers to lose trust in you.

That’s the information about Cross Selling and UpSelling, you can use this method to increase your sales. Remember what you need to do to maximize your sales.