Top 9 Digital Marketing Platform: Definition & Examples

Currently, digital marketing is one of the most widely used marketing strategies by business owners. Besides being effective, this marketing strategy is also very easy to do. Digital marketing platforms are one of the determinants of business success.

Well, in this article, we will discuss what are the most effective digital marketing platforms. Just take a look at the discussion!

What is a Digital Marketing Platform?

As already known, digital marketing is a marketing activity that uses digital media as a place of promotion. So, it can be concluded that digital platforms are places to promote products and services.

Before discussing examples of digital marketing platforms, it’s a good idea to read the article Strategy, Functions and 8 Goals of Digital Marketing first.

Examples of Digital Marketing Platforms 

following are the most effective digital marketing platforms, namely:

1. Instagram

The most widely used digital platform is Instagram . Indonesia ranks fourth as the country with the largest Instagram users in the world. From this data, it is very unfortunate if it does not make it a business area.

Therefore, many entrepreneurs promote their business through the social media platform Instagram. On this platform, advertisements are displayed in the form of photos, videos, and reels (short videos), equipped with descriptions, comments, and even a price list.

Instagram has complete features such as data analysis, Instagram Shopping, and other very useful features to facilitate your marketing activities.

2. Facebook

No less than Instagram users, Facebook is even the media that has the most users compared to other media. Therefore, many business owners do promotions on this media platform.

Usually, Facebook users don’t just update their status, but also look for information or recommendations for a product. Currently, Facebook also has advertising and store features that make the process of product marketing easier.

3. E-Commerce

Now a lot of e-commerce is used to market products. Examples of e-commerce digital marketing platforms are Shopee, Lazada, TokoPedia, and so on.

This platform makes it easy for sellers and buyers, there are features such as a basket with a function as a menu to place the products you want to buy.

4. Website

The next digital marketing platform is the website, although it sounds classic, the website is the first place to look for information.

Business owners usually carry out the marketing process through writing in the form of information that is inserted promotions. Sometimes, many also use the website as branding, so that their business can be reached by many people.

5. YouTube

YouTube is a digital platform that is quite attractive, usually business owners work with YouTubers to market their products, the goal is none other than to increase brand awareness.

Just like other media, YouTube also has advertising features that make it easy for business owners so that their business can reach many people.

6. TikTok

Currently, TikTok is the most trendy digital marketing platform. There are so many TikTok users in Indonesia, that’s why many business owners carry out marketing activities on this platform.

Currently TikTok also has advertising features, the form of promotion is in the form of short videos with music typical of millennials, therefore this strategy is considered very effective for marketing activities.

7. Google Ad

For online and Digital Marketer Experts, being number one on search engines or first page on Google is the main goal. That’s why, we use Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to be able to win the competition in search engines.

Google Ad allows advertisers to bid onkeywordsthat are suitable for their business with the aim that these ads can appear in Google search results. 

8. Twitter Ads

This advertising feature offers several options such as promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, and Promoted Trends. In addition, Twitter also offers advertisements in the format of website cards which are used to bring visitors to the website from Twitter and also invites to download applications.

Although the audience on Twitter is not as much as on Facebook and Instagram, but for some of the target market, Twitter can be an exclusive and appropriate choice in terms of online promotion.

9. Mailchimp

There is another digital marketing tool that you should not miss, namely email marketing tools like Mailchimp. You can attract new customers and build good relationships with your customers.

Mailchimp is email marketing the most widely usedBy using Mailchimp, you can send hundreds to thousands of emails automatically even at no cost or for free.

The nine digital marketing platforms mentioned above are only media, so if you want a business to achieve success, companies must also show their effort and sincerity. So, don’t just rely on the media, guys!

Promote Business on All Digital Marketing Platforms

That is a discussion about digital marketing platforms that are ready to help business success. There’s nothing wrong if you market your product to all platforms, because currently promoting a product in one place isn’t very satisfying, right?

If you have questions about digital marketing platforms, don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the column provided below, thank you and see you in the next article!