7 best PHP frameworks that are easy and frequently used by developers

As a website developer, having a framework like the PHP programming language will certainly make it easier for you. In short, a framework is a framework designed to make the development process more practical. Now there are several choices of PHP frameworks that you can use depending on the technology you are good at.

This time, We will give you some recommendations for the best examples of PHP frameworks that are often used and easy to learn by beginners. Make sure you go through the PHP tutorial we gave you earlier, OK!

What are frameworks?

php framework
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Framework is a framework that makes this easy developer when creating a website or app. It’s like when someone is going to build a house, the framework is the necessary equipment like drills, hoes, buckets, shovels and more.

imagine bro if all this equipment is not available. You only have to build the house manually. Of course, this will require additional energy and a long time.

Well, a framework is a tool that helps you do development. So if you want to create a new PHP application, the main step is to choose a framework that has the most complete features and of course suits your needs.

In fact, there are many PHP frameworks available. All of them have their own uniqueness, advantages and goals. So before productionbuilt application you need

Examples of the best PHP frameworks that are often used

This time, Jagoan Hosting will discuss one by one the best and most popular PHP frameworks for you developers! With this explanation, we hope you can determine which framework suits your needs developing you. come on Look at that!

1. Laravel

When you are looking for the best framework for PHP, Laravel is a framework that often comes up. Many developers use laravel for their projects. This is why laravel is on the first list of the best and most popular PHP frameworks today.

Although they are often considered the same, there are some differences between Laravel and CodeIgniter that you need to recognize. The plus point of this framework is its elegant, neat and concise syntax that makes it easy for developers to read programs developed by other developers. In addition, there are several excellent Laravel features such as user authentication, session management, and caching .

2. Codeigniter

In addition to Laravel, Codeigniter is also a PHP framework that uses the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture. So toHandle task specifically, codeigniter uses different components.

If you are a developer who is just learning the PHP framework, codeigniter is the right choice. In addition to being easy to understand, this platform has fairly complete documentation. You’ll find plenty of guides whenever a problem occurs or while it’s in progress built experience trouble.

The strength of the CI framework is its solid performance, which is why CodeIgniter is perfect for developing lightweight applications on simple servers.

3. Cakephp

CakePHP is a PHP framework using the MVC architecture that first appeared on the market at the beginning of the 21st century. It’s been a while, but the CakePHP framework remains one of the most popular PHP frameworks still in use.

Benefits of this framework include:

  • Suitable for developing complex web applications
  • There is already caching, authentication
  • It can prevent SQL injection
  • Easy configuration
  • good documentation,

With so many advantages, CakePHP must have a few disadvantages, namely its more complex structure compared to other frameworks.

php framework
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4. Symphonies

Symfony framework is quite popular with laravel and codeigniter. What is the reason? Yes, because this framework is very flexible and offers bundle and component features that allow you to directly take some PHP features or use all features in a simple way.

When the program is on run To ensure that the application runs correctly, Symfony also includes built-in testing functions. Sadly, some users of this framework say that applications developed by Symfony cannot perform optimally. In addition, according to the developers, Symfony also works slower than other frameworks.

5. Slim

Framework Slim, anyone heard of it bro? This framework is commonly used to develop RESTful APIs. There are many features and components that can help you as a developer create APIs quickly and easily.

The advantages of this framework are:

  • Easy to learn, suitable for novice developers who are still learning
  • Best for API development
  • It can be used to build large or small web applications.

However, this framework also has some disadvantages, namely:

  • Weakness injection addiction
  • And it requires a solid foundation to create dependencies

6. The Yii framework

Yii is a framework that has just emerged as the most popular PHP framework. It may be considered new, but the configuration of this framework is quite easy to understand. Regarding its performance, there is no doubt that this framework can run optimally and can compete with other popular frameworks as mentioned above.

With Yii Framework, you can speed up website performance faster than other frameworks. Not only that, you can use Yii to build web applications by integrating jQuery.

The advantages of this framework are:

  • Lightweight and easy to learn code
  • Good security features
  • Help connect between library and packages

Disadvantages of Yii are:

  • No support for building complex web applications
  • Yii framework developers are still few and far between

7. Falcon

In 2012, this framework was first introduced to the public and attracted the interest of developers. Phalcon is written in C and C++ programming languages, which improves optimization and execution.

The most unique feature of Phalcon is its C extension, so when you use the framework, you don’t need C anymore.

Advantages of Phalcon:

  • Very fast
  • Flexible project structure
  • Clean code and secure

While the cons:

  • You need good programming knowledge to learn this framework
  • Complex installation

What is the function of PHP Framework?

php framework
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As a developer, you definitely need to know the purpose of using the framework in order to create applications. So that the build process can be done using the right framework and as needed. Here are some features of php framework:

1. The code is more structured

Here, structured means that the created program will be included in each component according to their respective functions. One example is Laravel, which uses the MVC concept.

The model acts as a container of program code in the form of programming algorithms and application database references. A view serves as a place to store the program code to create the view that will be displayed. And the controller works to connect the model and view into a complete web page.

2. Help developer performance

From there, you’re sure to think that actually building an app can be done without using a framework. Of course you can, but if the project is still small in scale. To be time efficient, the framework is indeed the right choice for him.

3. Speed ​​up website creation

This does not mean that creating a good website is fast, but faster, but it produces quality products that meet the needs of customers.

Application developers only need to use components already available in the framework, eliminating the need to recompile code from scratch.

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Of the seven recommendations above, the most widely used PHP framework choice in Indonesia is Laravel, followed by Codeigniter. If you are a beginner who wants to develop skills in the world of programming, it never hurts to learn these two things as more and more companies need them.